QAN’s New Clerk, Kate Green

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Kate Green, QAN’s new clerk, as a clown

I’ve taken on the clerkship of QAN, in order to relieve Linda Murgatroyd who has been the clerk for some years and who has also taken the lead on QAN’s hugely successful Loving Earth Project. At present, Linda and I are working together to ensure a smooth transition.

I accepted the role just until our next AGM in the spring of 2024 because we haven’t been able to find someone to serve. We are still looking for a clerk who can make this a longer-term commitment. But the present arrangement has the advantage that a new clerk will have plenty of knowledgeable support!

I’m a member of NE Thames AM and attached to Wanstead LM. My clerking experience has mostly been at AM level, clerking AM and then AM trustees. I’m finding it nourishing to clerk QAN meetings because the QAN trustees are a very supportive and understanding group, full of creative and sensible ideas.

My art is dance. I’m a Chantraine dancer, teacher and choreographer, and I mange the Chantraine School of Dance in the UK. It keeps me busy.

I feel very fortunate to be taking on the role of clerk at a time when QAN is stronger than ever. During the pandemic, like many other groups, we discovered new ways of working together: Zoom has enabled new engagement with QAN across the country and internationally.

Currently, we have three major projects in hand: The Loving Earth Project
with its big exhibition at Friends House starting in October, the new Creative Writing Group to be launched via Zoom on October 14th, and the Fox@400 Project, to celebrate the life and faith of George Fox through short videos. We also have a very strong communications group which makes everything simpler for those of us less technically able.

My aim as clerk is to work with these projects (and perhaps forthcoming ones too) by providing structure and support to enable the Friends concerned make the best use of their skills and talents. And to hand this wonderful and inspiring organisation on to the next clerk, whoever they may be.

Might it be you, Friend?

With love,

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