Creative Writing Group

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Creative Writing Group

Welcome to our Creative Writing Group. Over 200 Friends around the world are interested in workshops, presentations and networking. Formed in October 2023 we follow the group aims and have a small committee with an outline of future meetings.

Events planned will be emailed to members on the mailing list regularly. We have Workshops, Networking and Buddying with fellow writers/prospective writers and Presentations.

Events will be advertised on the Quaker Arts Network website and social media when appropriate, some have limited attendees. There will be a regular mixture for everyone on different days and times.

Person holding pen, writing in notebook on desk with laptop open.

Friends from all writing backgrounds are joining us from around the world. If you know of any Friends from a personal or writing group perspective please do ask them to join.

If you would like to join the committee with us to help to run the group please email

Our Aims:

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