May update on the Loving Earth Project

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The Loving Earth Project continues to exhibit around Britain, with exhibitions and events this summer in various venues around Devon, Sussex and Dorset, in Alnwick (Northumberland) , and Tring (Hertfordshire). A series of exhibitions has just finished in a range off venues in California and others will be taking place in Normandy and Brussels over the summer. There is a full programme for the rest of this year, with exhibitions in London in the autumn; details are on our website,

Two further Loving Earth books are currently in preparation.  “Out of Excuses”, a  poetry book edited by Tracey Martin, will be published during the summer with a poetry reading at Friends House on 5th October.  “A Loving Earth Book”, a children’s book edited by Rici Marshall Cross is expected later in the year.  Details will be on our webshop in due course.  

We continue to receive new, unique  textile panels for display on our virtual gallery. Some recent themes include sadness at the felling of trees outside Euston station, the need for international solidarity and aid in the wake of disaster, the impact of climate change on coffee, girl power, clean air, stinging nettles and ecological connections. After the end of 2023, the programme of exhibitions will start to wind down and some panels will be available for permanent displays at public venues. Email the to receive the project newsletter with more details. The website will continue to offer resources to help people engage with the climate crisis creatively, and inspired by love. 

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