Introducing myself: Sean Jacke, digital coordinator

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Hi, Friends. If you’ve recently joined QAN, chances are you got a welcome message from me, however I’m actually pretty new to the project myself. I’m pretty new to the UK really, having just moved here from Germany in the summer of 2020.

A year ago, after about a year of attending Meeting at Hampstead (NW London AM), I came across QAN online and, being someone who likes art, likes making things and sees a connection between my artistic and spiritual practices, I was very intrigued by the idea of Quaker Arts, and the network of individuals that idea would speak to.

Since joining up, I’ve been given the opportunity to help with technical and communications aspects of the project, including producing the newsletter, as well as answering email and managing the website. I have a background in software and media development, and am excited to support the expression of QAN’s mission in a digital context and to help however else I might be of service.

I hoped you enjoyed the newsletter if you saw it; I tried to change it to be a bit more short format with links to more information (like in this post). If you want to give me any feedback on it, I’m very happy to hear (and though compliments are of course always welcome, ideas for improvement are also gladly received).

Also, if you’re interested in becoming more involved in this project yourself, I’d encourage you to reach out! Graphic designers, animators, people working in film and digital media are all greatly appreciated, as is anyone else who enjoys making art or being involved in its exhibition and wants to help this network continue and grow!

In Friendship and solidarity of creative spirit,

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