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The Quaker Arts Network hopes to support creative writing in practical ways.  One thing we may be able to do is to pair writers who would like to exchange work in progress and comment on it.  If this appeals to you, please write to John Lampen <> saying if you would most like to offer or receive such support (or both), what genre you write in, and how often would you be likely to have work to send.   This idea is in the experimental stage, and it will be good to have writers participating in its development.

3 thoughts on “Creative Quaker writers

  • Kathleen Bell

    In what way does the writing, rather than the writer, have to be “Quaker”?

    • admin Post author

      Dear Kathleen,

      Thank you for commenting on Quakers Arts website. It’s actually a good question. You can ask John Lampen about more details regarding this project.

      in Friendship,
      Elena Krumgold

  • Linda Murgatroyd

    We often get questions about what is a ‘Quaker artist ‘ or ‘Quaker art’? This can be answered in different ways but many of us feel that our creativity is part of ourselves, in much the same way as our spirituality. So any for general QAN purposes we would accept any art or creative writing, performance etc that is inspired by the creative spirit , by someone who self-identifies as a Quaker. Of course, some works will be of greater interest to other Friends or those interested in QUakers than others.
    QAN is also interested in sharing news of other art work that features Quakers, or might be of particular interest to Friends. You can do this via the Facebook page or by dropping a line to

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