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This is the new QAN website, currently being tested. It will continue to evolve for a while, please bear with us, and let us know if you find any errors.
The RESOURCES page in particular will need updating. Please let us have your suggestions for Quaker arts resources that might be featured here.
If you feel you could help us with the website and communications (social media etc) we’d love to hear from you.

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    Dear Bob, Thanks for this.

    Please can you email your change of address to the QAN email address, so that our membership clerk can deal.

    I am sorry we didm’t pick this up in time to publicise your event in Aylsham last month. In future, earlier publicity would help. Please enter the event directly into the Events page of the website. You can also put it on the Facebook page if you’e on Facebook; they are different audiences. If you would be willing to offer your presentation on Quaker poets another time and in another place, this is exactly the sort of thing that could go on a Facebook post, where it might be picked up by another Friend.

    The committee has had some hiccups in communications and we plan a newsletter very shortly. It is very helpful if members can post your own events and comments in this way, as it’s very time consuming to post other peoples’ events, and not our role. However if you want to contact us more promplty in future, rather than post a comment it’s best to email us at the gmail address.

    With best wishes,

    Linda Murgatroyd

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