Quaker Arts Network is a group of Quakers with interest in the arts (broadly defined), run on a voluntary basis. While we are an infomal group within Britain Yearly Meeting, all those in sympathy with our AIMS are welcome to join the network and we have members across the world.

While many of us are practising artists, musicians, writers etc,others may have interest in the use of the arts for spiritual expression, nurture, healing, Quaker outreach or simply pleasure.



We are run by volunteers and rely largely on donations to support our activities. Please consider making a donation.
We seek to collaborate with others where appropriate, and specific projects may be run in partnership with other organisations. We may seek external funds for some of these. For example, for the Loving Earth Project, Woodbrooke runs events for Quakers as part of their work on sustainability funded by Britain Yearly Meeting, while Quaker Arts Network works with community crafts or sustainability groups on a community textile and is responsable for the travelling exhibition.