Membership of QAN is currently free. You can join us simply by sending an email to If you’d like to introduce yourself to others in QAN, why not post something on our Facebook page?

We are a network of volunteers. You can support us in several ways:

• POST EVENTS Put details about Quaker arts events on our website in good time; you can then refer to it in other advertising; anouncements;

• TELL FRIENDS about QAN and share news, resources and experience through Facebook;

• GET MORE INVOLVED in some way. We are glad to have offers of help with administrative tasks, with particular projects or to share experience/advise on specific matters, when needed. Drop us a line at and let us know a bit about yourself if you think you’d like to get involved.

• DONATE money, hold a fundraising event and/or ask your Meeting to make a donation. Cheques should be made out to Quaker Arts Network and sent to the QAN Treasurer ‘Nettlebank’, Wootton Rivers, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 4NQ, UK.

Donations can also be made by BACS to: HSBC Branch 40 07 30 “Quaker Arts Network” account 42286459.

If you make a BACS payment, please email the Treasurer. 

If the donation is to support a particular project, such as the Loving Earth Project, please tell the Treasurer.

If you are running a fundraising event, don’t forget to let us know and put it on our website.