A small Committee provides organises an AGM and a presence at Yearly Meeting; other groups undertake particular projects. Co-clerks : Linda Murgatroyd (clerk)(London); Kate Green (assistant clerk from ) Treasurer: June Buffery (Marlborough) Assistant Treasurer John Lampen (Stourbridge) .
Other committee members:  Elena Krumgold  (communications)(Worthing), Sue Tyldesley (Loving Earth Project) (Central and North Lancashire AM).

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The Loving Earth Projet is a project supported by QAN. Working with Woodbrooke and other partners, it aims to help people to engage creatively and constructive with environmental challenges, without being overwhelmed, including through a community textile project.  The project’s website is at . Donations to support the Loving Earth Project should be sent to the Quaker Arts Network (see below) with an email to the Treasurer to say the donation is for the LEP.