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Many, many thanks QAN for all your support.  The exhibition would not have been possible without the love and upholding you have given me including: all the stewards who helped create the space for deep listening, Jill for stewarding the stewards, Judith for taking over as artist in charge, and June for looking after the finances!


18th August - 2nd September 2016
at The Light, Friends House, London

These photos were taken for the 'Echo Chamber' arts project, supported by Quakers in Britain, Quaker Arts Network, and the Arts Council of England. The project is celebrating 100 years of legal recognition to individual conscience. We are seeking project participants with links to conscientious objectors from WW1. We would like to share their story by getting them to arrange for a photo to be taken of them holding a photo of their CO relative. Details and guidelines can be found here: