What are your creative needs and interests? How might QAN support you? And how might you contribute to QAN? Whether you like to support arts or produce art, we'd greatly appreciate your answers to our questionnaire.

The Quaker Arts Network is at a time of transition. QAN projects have so far been taken forward by project groups, overseen with a light touch by a small committee. We are of course all volunteers and it is time for some people who have been serving QAN to lay this down. If QAN is to continue new Friends need to share the service.

Rebecca Bellamy has organised a short survey to explore these issues with QAN members and any other Friends interested in the arts.

Please click the box below to go to the survey page. It is 10 questions and should take you between 5 and 10 minutes to complete.

QAN Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for everyone and anyone interested in Quaker Arts, and those who are Quaker Artists or Creatives themselves, members and non-members. We would be grateful if you could forward this email on to others who might be able to complete this questionnaire for QAN.

Thank you!