Loving Earth Project 

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This is a new community textile project on the theme of building a more sustainable Earth.  The aim is to encourage awareness of how ecological threats endanger the world we love, how we ourselves contribute to this danger, and what more we can do to prevent it. It may also help us mourn past or future losses. All individuals or groups are welcome to participate.

Anyone is welcome to contribute a textile panel  (30 x 30 cm ) and short text about something they love which is threatened by environmental change, and what could be done to reduce the threat. The first Loving Earth display will be at Swarthmoor Hall as part of the Seeking Routes exhibition this summer.

Details are here: Loving earth project details.

The project is supported by the Quaker Arts Network and Friends World Committee for Consultation. After the Swarthmoor Hall exhibition the project could develop further if people come forward interested in managing it. The potential is huge, if a team feels called to this.

Enquiries to lovingearthproject@gmail.com.

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  • Linda Murgatroyd

    Very pleased to hear that people are starting to prepare their panels for this project and that some other displays are being thought about, after the Seeking Routes exhibition this summer.
    If you want to have a local exhibition, and to include panels made elsewhere as well as locally, do get in touch.
    After 1 September 2019, panels should be sent to Loving Earth Project, c/o FWCC, Friends House, 173-177 Euston road, London NW1 2 BJ.

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