Service Opportunities : Help needed for key QAN roles 

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We are pleased to have some new committee members, as others have been released from service, but have so far been unable to find a co-clerk.  Our current clerk cannot continue beyond the new year without more support . We also want to keep producing newsletters from time to time. To do this, we need help  from someone familiar with Mailchimp or willing and able to learn it.

All the committee have some role and these are enjoyable and not onerous if shared – but burdensome if left to do them alone. The vacant roles include are critical to keeping the network functioning. Commitee members are spread far and wide so only meet face to face a couple of times a year. We would love to have one or two more members. 

Pleae get in touch if you’d be interested in getting more involved . You don’t need to be a practising artist of any kind!

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